Hatchet ponder 1

I think Brian will survive because he has the basic necessities and skills to survive like a hatchet. Pilots also have been trained to have the knowledge of surviving remote locations. You could also argue that Brian has his world shaken by a divorce that will break his mental health but I think Brian would stay sane in that situation cause it’s life or death. He can just hunt for food using a swift blow of his hatchet but if he doesn’t find any animals he can try and find fruit. If not then he won’t survive. So it’s a real stretch if he can pull himself together he survives if he has a mental breakdown then he is dead.


Now on to my second point Brian can also build a shelter to protect him from rain hail etc if the shelter breaks he can rebuild it using some wood he gathered. He can also build some equipment like a  hammer. If you argue that he will freeze to death then objection buddy he can make a fire using wood because as I mentioned earlier pilots are trained to survive in the wild. He can also use equipment from the crashed plane like a flare gun and he can make some signals using sticks or leaves of the trees. If you argue that he will dehydrate there is a method of purifying water if he doesn’t know he can just drink his urine because urine is clean. He can hunt for his food since the wild has many animals such as deer boar and birds. He can also purify rain water using certain methods. 

My School Year Review

Talofa lava,

This year I have experienced a lot of things and today I want to tell you one thing that happened that was the best to me, one mistake I made and what lesson I learnt, one thing I’ve learnt, one of my favorite song, one challenge I have overcome and one dream.

one of the best things that happened to me: Christmas at the pa

One mistake I made and what lesson I learnt: Lying to Zoe and I’ve learnt is to always listen so you understand and not to C&P. That is what I’ll never do again

One thing I’ve learnt: How to create a blog

One of my favorite songs: Hold – Chunkz (feat yung filly

One challenge I have overcome: Leading Samoan language with the mili-mili is something challenging I found but I was so lucky i gained my confidence

One dream: Try and make it


Hope you have enjoyed today’s blog!

Restaurant Project-Sugoi food

for the last five weeks me and my buddies Rizwan and Noriel work on our restaurant project. firstly our restaurant’s name is Sugoi food. Sugoi food means Epic food.My group made a project plan and on our project plan we put who is going to do  what and after my group  did that we started to do our presentation.For our presentation we did our description ,interior ,color scheme,theme and cuisine. 1 week later we started to see the cost of the ingredients and restaurant outline  . week four we did our 3 main recipes and menu cost. week five we show room9

Restaurant Projects

For the last five weeks, Room 10 has been working on group restaurant projects. The purpose of this project was for Room 10 to work in a group, manage their time well, and present a well-thought-out and detailed restaurant project. Firstly, they had to decide on a name and theme for their projects. We discussed staying on theme by deciding on color schemes and cuisine. Secondly, the students needed to create a detailed menu that included a cost analysis for each item, calculating how much profit they would make per serving. Thirdly, the students created recipes for three of their favorite items on the menu. Fourthly, the students needed to create an engaging and persuasive advertisement. Lastly, the students presented their projects to their peers and received feedback. Overall, Room 10 did very well, and it was super rewarding seeing the amazing projects shine.

Restaurant Project – Sugoi Presentation

Restaurant Project – SAS Presentation

French for you menu

Hello everyone this week room 10 and i were doing a menu for our restaurant/cafe. so when we first started we were Figuring out how to start with but one week later we were doing really great. how it all started off is when there has to be groups in three’s. and one groups was called french for you which is my group and my group and i were doing great on our cafe menu. our interior is a cafe theme were there is a cafe vibe and that is much better then any french cafe in paris.


Link for work

I hope you enjoy and loved my work Goodbye :))))))


Welcome to Sugoi Restaurant

This week my classroom Room 10 did a project.  We did the description, theme,logo,cuisine,colour,and scheme. room 10 and my teacher  learned that AI can create a restaurant for you. You just know give  them key word and  it will make a amazing restaurant this is my project

Restaurant Project – Sugoi Presentation by Catherine project

The Best Cafe In Paris

Hello everybody this week Room 10 and I were doing a restaurant project for our reading work. we had to created or come up with a restaurant name,Description,color sheme/theme,inteior and cusine. our cafe is called french for you and you would love our yummy,amazing,prefect homemade french meal you had ever seen.


Restaurant Project – French fo You Presentation


when i stared it was hard to make but when you get the hang of it you will do great and will never give up, and i also enjoyed it BTW. Which one of your slides is the best in our presentation french for you?