End Of Term Reflection

What subject did you enjoy this term and why?

I enjoyed maths because it was a bit hard so I got to be focused on my work and got it finished.


What subject do you think you improved on the most and why?

I improved the most in math because now i know the correct way to do place value and multipucation.


What are 3 things you did this term to help your classmates?

  • Get the chromebooks
  • Put the chairs up everyday
  • Clean the class


What was your favorite activity and why?

My favorite activity this term was the sports camp for room 10 1 and 2 because we got to do diferent sports

End of Term Reflection

What subject did you enjoy the most this term?

my Favorite subject was  math because i improved in my Multiplication


What subject do you think you need to improved the most?

the subject i think i need to work on is writing -spelling because i need help most of the time with my spelling


what are the three things you did to help your classmates?

  • I helped my friend Kharli with her reading
  • i share the ball with my friend Lilianna
  • I helped my friend Helen with her work

what was your favorite activity this term?

my favorite activity was netball that the best teacher Zoe set up because everyone was saying that i was very good at intercepting and it was a great game to play.



End of Term Reflection

What subject did you enjoy most this term and why?

I really enjoyed teaching writing this term. I enjoyed teaching writing because this term I saw a massive improvement in my students’ writing, especially in how they structured their persuasive writing.


What subject do you think you improved the most in and why? 

Reading, Writing or Mathematics 

I think I improved the most in teaching reading, specifically guided reading. I have continued to attend a reading course this term which has greatly improved my reading skills. One lesson that I learnt alot from was all about guided reading. Prior to this lesson this aspect of reading was a struggle for me but after this lesson I have become far more confident and have started seeing a real difference in the classroom.


What are 3 things you did this term to help your classmates? 

This term i have help other staff member by:

  • Sharing interesting reading resources.
  • Covered duties for staff who are unable to do their duties.
  • I collaborated with staff for our inquiry focus this term and created a physical plan we could all refer to.


What was your favorite activity this term and why?

My favorite activity this term was our classroom’s math competitions. I really enjoyed this because not only did I see my students really enjoy themselves in this activity but I was also shocked to see how much they knew. I also loved to see them collaborating with each other for this activity including everyone.

Sports Day One & Two

What did you do well?

I think i was great at trying too snatch and catch the ball in netball. I also think i was able too help my team by throwing the ball back too my team when they needed the ball.


What did your team do well?

My team did well in basketball because my whole team was trying to involve our other team by passing it to them. My team also did well by trying their best to make their way to get a goal in basketball. Also my team did very well by passing the ball to everyone in our team in netball.


What could you improve?

I think i should imporve by practicing my skills by kicking the ball properly in soccer.


What could our team improve?

I think my team should improve by not sitting down randomly well we are in a sports game.

Sports Day One & Two

what did you do well?

i was good at intercepting and getting the ball and i was using  kind words such as Manaakitanga

what did your team do well?

my team was spreading out great and they were sharing the ball

what could you improve your skills?

i need to improve my steeping.

what could your team do to improve

my team needs to improve on intercepting

Sports Day Day One And Two

What did I do well?

I think I did well in offence because, I crossed 4 people and scored 1 goal. I also got good stamina in soccer  running fast non stop


What did my teammates do well?

they are very good at defending because the enemy got 0 goals. My team also passes the ball a lot


What could I improve on?


I could improve in running faster and dribbling so I can get past more defenders.


What could my team improve on?


My teammates need to work on the offence because only a little bit of people were going on the offence.

Post for the week (Week nine)

Hello welcome to my post for this week.

this week i have been learning about plants and doing some activities.

i did a slide full with 8  pages and i had to do all the activities.

for reading i did 3 follow ups the follow ups mean 3 activity’s i had to do.

these are known as my follow ups i did this week.

these are known as my writing.


i really enjoyed making my follow ups and my writing so i hope i can learn more about plants.


by skylah.

Spring Around The World

Morning! So,Yesterday i have been working on spring activties, Which looks like this:
  This is what
i was working on yesterday. Around the world i have chosen Thailand for my spring 
activity, i also did some reasearch about Thailand so that i can put all the research in 
in my activity.