Term two Week 2

This week at school, I have been doing some wonderful work with my teacher!

Double Entry Journal

This week I have been learning how to make connections, With myself, The world & Text to text. Connections are when you connect a sentence to Yourself, the world or text to text.

My Soldier Diary

In week 2 I have been writing about My Soldier Diary, the soldier diary is about your imagination about being in the war! Like I had to write about Myself being in the war but as my imagination.


On week 2 this week I have been learning how to measure staff for maths, Like we had to grab objects in our class room then we had to use a ruler to measure them.

Week Two

This week in week 2 I have been learning how to do 1 from 1000 (In my maths). At first i thought it was really hard for me But it was actually pretty easy.

This week I had an Excellent time because we learned about Anzac & other work our teacher gave me.

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