Term 2 week 5

This my teacher give me school work which is maori battalion report one is I have to talk about the war then I talk about te-moana in ww1.  Then I need to do Key word hunt to help me with my maori battalion report it helps by giving me words to use for summary and imformation. Then I have to do Selective Underlining which is a example for summary for keyword hunt. Then I do quick write which is for pretending to be a soldier but I did’nt finish it 🙁 but it is also for you to think fast what to write to open your imagination. Then I do learn for what the rescoruse and what I learn. Then  I did maths  which is just about money like: 6 $100 notes is $600 plus all I need to do is 11-12.Then pepeha which is not for you to see.  🙃

(click image to view work)

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