My School Year Review

Talofa lava,

This year I have experienced a lot of things and today I want to tell you one thing that happened that was the best to me, one mistake I made and what lesson I learnt, one thing I’ve learnt, one of my favorite song, one challenge I have overcome and one dream.

one of the best things that happened to me: Christmas at the pa

One mistake I made and what lesson I learnt: Lying to Zoe and I’ve learnt is to always listen so you understand and not to C&P. That is what I’ll never do again

One thing I’ve learnt: How to create a blog

One of my favorite songs: Hold – Chunkz (feat yung filly

One challenge I have overcome: Leading Samoan language with the mili-mili is something challenging I found but I was so lucky i gained my confidence

One dream: Try and make it


Hope you have enjoyed today’s blog!

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