Fritz Term 1 Highlights


In Term 1 my favourite work is Auto facts 2 and I have to do is on my first page I need to do me and my family names. At page 2 I have to tell when was I born and my age also I have to do my age in Roman Numerals and my age in my language then I show a event that happen in January 31. At Page 3 I have to show all cultures I’m related to then the one you relate to most then two important facts about my cultur. At page 4 I have to say what sort of person am I and use four  words the tell what qualities do my  friends have and use four words then tell what personal qualities do I dislike four words. At page 5 I have to say three things you are really good at . At page 6 I have to write one paragraph about how to be an awesome EHS student and my  paragraph have to have 7 sentences one for each important idea and list my ideas starting with the most important. And here is my work:


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