Term two Week 2

kia ora this week i have been learning all my stuff this week enjoy :))))

Week Two

This week I have been learning my numbers from 1 to 100 (in maths),

At first I thought it was hard but it was pretty easy.

My Soldier diary

In week 2 I have been writing about My Soldier diary, my soldier diary is about your imagination’s about being in the war. like i had to write about Myself being in the war but as my imagination.

Double Entry Journal

On week 2 this week I have been learning how to make connections with myself, the world & text to text to my book i was reading. Connections are when you connect a sentence from your book to Yourself, the world or text to text.


this week i had a good week because we had been learning about some ANZAC stuff because doing ANZAC stuff is cool and fun so you can remember all the soliders in the war.

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