The Publishing Week (Term 2 Week 9)

Hello again, and welcome to my blog post where you see all the work I did this week, for most of this term we mostly were learning about the learning Battalion but I feel like this week was probably the most Battalion in the entire term. Although it was normal, it felt like the Maori Battalion was infesting my mind.

And yet you see this again, I add new stuff and questions each week so

This is a tribute to the Maori Battalion soldiers


I did like this week since most of these 5 days were learning about the Maori Battalion
What do you think I should do to improve?

One thought on “The Publishing Week (Term 2 Week 9)

  1. Kia ora Ehsrizwana, thank you for sharing all your research about the Māori Battalion soldiers. We learnt a lot about what it was like for the soldiers in the war and agree it is important to honour their efforts. Have you seen the film called Tama Tū about the Māori Battalion soldiers in Italy during the war? It is a short film that you could watch with your teacher.

    ngā mihi for encouraging us to think more about what it was like for the soldiers,
    Room 9 @ Glen Innes School

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