The publish hour

This week, we upgraded our Maori battalion tributes and reports and made it look amazing! We also did our pepehas and hung it to the wall. It was very hard for me to make this finished products (except the pepeha) and i really love it so much! Here’s our work:

Our final published Maori Battalion report work

(original work)

My pepeha

Tribute (if you can’t read it, tap here)

After nearly the entire term, we finished our report.  I am really happy with my work. I even helped a few people with some of their reports. I can say that this week was very busy. Now that this week is ending, the final week is coming up to us. The holidays are showing up and now it’s time to wrap up our work. I’m excited to see what the last week will bring us. I wonder what next term will bring?


I hope you like my work!

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