My Favorite Work I Did This Week

Hello everyone this is my blog when i show my hard nand favorite work i did this week and i hope you enjoy looking at it so enjoy


this is my work called my My Favorite Matariki Star enjoy                                                                      This is a photo of  My Favorite Matariki star

My Favorite Matariki star

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Work I Did This Week

  1. Kia Ora Helen
    I would just like to say that I love the way you do your work and that my favorite star is also Waita.
    How were you feeling whale making this?
    ow long do it take to make this?

    Kind regards

  2. Kia ora Helen!
    I would like to say I really enjoyed your blog today and I agree with you on Waita being the best star, it is also my favorite star to be honest. the food Waita gives us are unforgettable, overall I really enjoyed reading your blog, have a great day Helen!.

    Kind regards
    – Puavasa

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