End of Term Reflection

What subject did you enjoy most this term and why?

I really enjoyed teaching writing this term. I enjoyed teaching writing because this term I saw a massive improvement in my students’ writing, especially in how they structured their persuasive writing.


What subject do you think you improved the most in and why? 

Reading, Writing or Mathematics 

I think I improved the most in teaching reading, specifically guided reading. I have continued to attend a reading course this term which has greatly improved my reading skills. One lesson that I learnt alot from was all about guided reading. Prior to this lesson this aspect of reading was a struggle for me but after this lesson I have become far more confident and have started seeing a real difference in the classroom.


What are 3 things you did this term to help your classmates? 

This term i have help other staff member by:

  • Sharing interesting reading resources.
  • Covered duties for staff who are unable to do their duties.
  • I collaborated with staff for our inquiry focus this term and created a physical plan we could all refer to.


What was your favorite activity this term and why?

My favorite activity this term was our classroom’s math competitions. I really enjoyed this because not only did I see my students really enjoy themselves in this activity but I was also shocked to see how much they knew. I also loved to see them collaborating with each other for this activity including everyone.

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