Restaurant Projects

For the last five weeks, Room 10 has been working on group restaurant projects. The purpose of this project was for Room 10 to work in a group, manage their time well, and present a well-thought-out and detailed restaurant project. Firstly, they had to decide on a name and theme for their projects. We discussed staying on theme by deciding on color schemes and cuisine. Secondly, the students needed to create a detailed menu that included a cost analysis for each item, calculating how much profit they would make per serving. Thirdly, the students created recipes for three of their favorite items on the menu. Fourthly, the students needed to create an engaging and persuasive advertisement. Lastly, the students presented their projects to their peers and received feedback. Overall, Room 10 did very well, and it was super rewarding seeing the amazing projects shine.

Restaurant Project – Sugoi Presentation

Restaurant Project – SAS Presentation

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